What Really Happened The Night George Michael Died?

January 3, 2017


George Michael’s unexpected and premature death (he was just 53) on Christmas Day rounded up the horrible year of 2016 and brought grief to all of his fans around the world. It doesn’t matter if you liked his music or not, it was his persona and his humanitarian work that made the whole world love him.

However, his premature death and strange circumstances surrounding his final hours shed a bit more dismal light on this unlikely event.

There were tweets about suicide and rumors about drug abuse, but now we have some new info about the very night George Michael died. It appears that his boyfriend, Fadi Fawaz, spent that faithful night sleeping in his car.

Heart Failure Or Something Much More Complicated?

The cause of death of the reclusive pop star, who had battled with drugs and depression, was allegedly heart failure, but after the first post-mortem results were deemed as “inconclusive”, further tests were ordered.

And this is when the mystery surrounding his final hours started to deepen.

Fadi Fawaz is now denying the tweets saying the star was suicidal and claims his Twitter account had been hacked at the time, but the confusion erupted when Fawaz, who originally said he spent the weekend at Michael’s mansion in Goring-on-Thames, revealed he actually had spent the night sleeping in his car.

Since the results of further testing are not expected for another six to eight weeks, we can only try examining the questions that still surround the peculiar death of this beloved pop star and philanthropist.

And the main question is:

What Happened Between George And Fadi?

The singer’s partner, Australian-born hairdresser and photographer Fadi Fawaz, tweeted about finding George’s body lying in bed on Christmas Day morning when he went to wake him up for lunch.

“It’s a Xmas I will never forget finding your partner dead peacefully in bed first thing in the morning … I will never stop missing you,” his tweet read on Boxing Day.

“We loved each other very much and were together almost 24 hours a day,” another tweet read, however later he told one newspaper the following: “Everything had been very complicated recently but George was looking forward to Christmas, and so was I.”

The latest info coming from Fawaz is that he slept in his car on the night the star died alone at home. “I fell asleep in my car and I never saw him that night,” he told a reporter this weekend.

But perhaps the most disturbing fact is that Fawaz tweeted about George wanting to die and wanting to kill himself, even though he later said his Twitter account had been hacked. The Thames Valley Police still calls the star’s sudden death “unexplained”.

Stay tuned for further reports.

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