Wanted: Arrest Warrant Issued For Anita Baker

March 27, 2014

Apparently, being a funk diva isn’t enough to keep you out of hot water. That is a lesson learned recently by 80s superstar Anita Baker.

Although out of the limelight for several years, Baker is actively recording.

Studio work, touring and even a stint singing the National Anthem in her hometown of Detroit have been fraught with drama.

The latest turn in the Anita Baker saga is an arrest warrant for failing to appear in court.

Anita Baker’s Career Spans Five Decades

Singer-songwriter Anita Baker started her career in the 1970s as a member of the funk band Chapter 8. Her first solo album “The Songstress” was a minor hit at best. It wasn’t until 1986 that fans really began to notice this future Grammy award winning star.

The release of the single “Sweet Love” catapulted Anita Baker to the top of the charts. “Sweet Love” reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 and was one of three hits off the “Rapture” album.

In 2012, she released a cover of Tyrese’s song “Lately.” An adult contemporary radio station celebrated the new single by playing it every hour for one whole day. It is the drama that is really putting the name Baker in the headlines these days, however.

It started in 2011 when Baker failed to perform at a Detroit R&B show amid rumors of a fight with another performer. Now, she is facing arrest after failing to show up in court.

Arrest warrant

The bench warrant issued by a Wayne County, Michigan circuit judge brings to light Baker’s current legal problems. The story focuses on a lawsuit filed for work done on her Grosse Pointe home.

Ray A. Smith Painting and Decorating sued Baker and won a judgment of 15,000 dollars for failure to pay for renovation work. Baker had a mandatory appearance scheduled in court last week but failed to show up.

It’s a conspiracy


That is the response given by Baker regarding the warrant, which is yet to be served.

The Grosse Pointe decorating service claims they have just one agenda. They want to get paid for the work they did. Baker sees the lawsuit a little different. The singer claims she is the victim here.

Anita told one celebrity gossip site that she did indeed hire Ray A. Smith Painting and Decorating to repair storm damage to her home. She gave the company a down payment of 60,000 dollars. The company failed to complete the task, however.

The work was so shoddy that Baker had to climb a ladder and fix it herself. She was unaware that the service had filed against her for payment. That is why she didn’t appear in court as ordered. The painting service won the lawsuit by default.

The contractor claims Baker is hiding her money, so she doesn’t have to pay the judgment. The recent missed court appearance was to determine where she was keeping the loot. Her claim of ignorance is ridiculous, according to the plaintiff’s lawyers. The notice was posted on her front door where she couldn’t miss it.

Where is Anita Baker?

Baker may not have shown up in court, but she did on Twitter. She is calling the warrant “BIG time crazy,” ending the tweet with “Devil sho’ is busy.” Jamal Hamood, Baker’s attorney, says the singer is out of town and plans to stay that way. Hamood will file a motion to get the warrant lifted on her behalf and request the default judgment be set aside.

This may be the first time Anita Baker is facing an arrest warrant, but she claims she is not new to the shenanigans of the legal system. She has seen this same trick before. Companies file lawsuits unfairly against her and then claim to serve papers that she never sees. Fans are left wondering who is really blind here, Anita Baker or the justice system.

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