Viral Story About Jennifer Aniston Helping A Homeless Person Turns Out To Be Fake

November 12, 2015


In case you missed it, there has been a heartwarming story circling around social media about how Jennifer Aniston, while she was day tripping to Vancouver from Seattle, saw a homeless girl no more than 15 years old holding a baby, and the star decided buy them lunch.

One of Jennifer’s unofficial Facebook fan pages posted a picture of the Hollywood star embracing a fan and underneath it, in first person narrative, there was a story, a fake story, about how she helped a teenage homeless girl with a baby.

The things people do just to get thousands of “likes”…

“I finished up my meal and went outside, went through my wallet and thought I’d give her $5 for some food. I got up to her and she was sobbing, she looked like she was 14-15. And that bundle in her arms was a baby wrapped up. I felt like I just got punched in the chest,” the part of the story went.

“Right next door was a small quick-Trip type grocery store, I got a can of formula for the baby (very young, maybe 2-3 months.), and took her back to the cafe though I’d just eaten. She was very thankful, got a burger. Got her some pie and ice cream. She opened up and we talked.”

However, this nice story turns out to be fake, Jennifer’s spokesperson has confirmed.

“Jennifer does not participate in social media so basically what you see on fan pages is taken from articles they have seen on her,” her rep told The Huffington Post. “This particular story, we have no idea where it came from and has nothing to do with Jennifer.”

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