Tyra Banks And Chrissy Teigen Go Makeup Free On The Nude Show

September 29, 2015


Now, that’s confidence! Famous former Victoria’s Secret model, actress and TV show host Tyra Banks wiped every bit of makeup on Monday’s airing of the Nude Show, along with friend and model Chrissy Teigen.

The 41-year-old celeb is not new to showing her “real” self, as she posted a makeup and filter free picture on various social media platforms back in June.

However, she took a step further on Monday when she inspired her fellow daytime talk show hosts to follow in her lead.

Leah Ashley, Lauren Makk, Chrissy Teigen and I are going to be taking off our makeup right now, 100%, during the break,” the beautiful lady revealed.

“And when we come back, we’re going to be naked from the neck up.”

Banks and her co-hosts took wet wipes and took every last bit of makeup off their faces. The audience went crazy, and supported this unusual but important step in Banks’ philosophy, which is all about loving yourself just the way you are. Remember ladies, no one is perfect but everyone is beautiful.

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