Top 8 New (Not Necessarily Young) Actors to Hollywood

December 27, 2013

1. Tom Hardy


While the English actor has been around Hollywood for a while, it wasn’t until his last few films that he began working as a co-star and leading man in America. However, even his smaller parts in films and the films he has done outside Hollywood, prove the depth and versatility of Hardy.

From his small but captivating part in the DiCaprio film Inception to his breakout role in the British film Bronson, Hardy’s talent jumps off the screen. His brutish physique and mobster-like demeanor are reminiscent of a young Marlin Brando. Still, it is his still-water-runs-deep personality that captivates audiences.

While it is easy to dismiss him as a serious actor following the money grab role he took as the villain Bane in the latest Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises , his recent in the 2012 film Lawless illustrates what he is capable of.

2. Jeremy Renner


A native of California, Renner has taken Hollywood by storm, but has yet to reach his full potential. His breakout performance with in the box office smash and military cult hit The Hurt Locker. Renner also played Jason Bourne in The Bourne Legacy and along-side Cruise in Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol. Still, one has to believe that the best of Renner is still to come.

3. Charlie Hunnam


Though he is most famous for his leading role in the television hit Sons of Anarchy, Hunnam proved his versatility in the 2011 film The Ledge when he portrayed a man willing to do anything for love and as ex-con, former boxer Jay in the movie Deadfall. Look for Hunnam to do more once SOA winds down.

4. Paul Dano


Considered a great actor by the actor the super-stars consider the greatest method actor of this generation (Daniel Day-Lewis), Paul Dano puts out one shockingly impactful performance after another.

Though his breakout performance was alongside Day-Lewis in the Oscar smashing There Will Be Blood, Dano has performed equally well in other films including Being Flynn. Dano has also received rave reviews for his role in the 2013 hit 12 Years a Slave.

5. James McAvoy


Another British actor, McAvoy has the ability to dig deep and get the most out of his roles. While he is best known for playing alongside Angelina Jolie in Wanted, his best performance may have been in his recent role as Bruce in the British film Filth.

6. Ryan Gosling


It is hard to understand how this superstar continues to fly under the radar, but he still isn’t given the recognition he deserves.

The Canadian actor redefined the role of a lost soul in his portrayal of Luke in A Place Beyond the Pines and the driver in Drive. In reality, Gosling may be the best Hollywood has to offer these days.

7. Bradley Cooper


Recently, Cooper has become a mega-star, but he is another actor whose best is yet to come. Robert De Niro loves playing along side Cooper, so you can be sure that there will be more of Cooper on the silver screen.

8. Casey Affleck


Though he has been overshadowed by his brother Ben and Ben’s best friend Matt Damon, Affleck’s recent roles prove that his is a more talented actor than either.

His latest role as a veteran/underground fighter alongside Christian Bale in the movie Out of the Furnace showed just how talented his is and what he can accomplish as a co-star.

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