Top 13 Most Expensive Celebrity Homes


Once you become an A-list celeb, you get to enjoy a plethora of benefits – exclusive parties, being on magazine covers, and of course, moving out of your parents’ home to live in a multi-million dollar villa. In that name, here are the 13 most expensive celebrity homes.

13. Ozzy Osbourne – $10 Million

All aboard! Ozzy has outdone himself over and over again both in terms of creating great heavy metal hits and consuming every illegal substance known to man.

Furthermore, his $10 million home is yet another thing you can envy him for.

Not only was Osbourne the lead singer of Black Sabbath, but he also managed to get his very own reality TV show later on.

When you combine the income from these two sources – among other things – you get a 11,000 square foot home in Hidden Hills, California.

As you can expect, good ol’ Ozzy never does anything in a mellow way, and his home is no exception. This massive villa has six bedrooms, ten bathrooms, and a spot on this list.

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