Top 10 Celebrities Who Happily Quit Hollywood


2. Sean Connery

Actors don’t seem to retire nowadays at all, but Sean Connery definitely retired in 2006 following his kidney surgery to remove a tumor, and his Lifetime Achievement Award at the American Film Institute he won that same year.

Connery confirmed his retirement at a fashion show thrown by his charity, Friends of Scotland, by saying, “I have retired for good. It’s been a bit rough since Christmas but I’m perfectly OK and I feel well. In fact, I’m working on a history book.”

His last notable film was The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen in 2003, which wasn’t that well received, and which prompted the great actor to conclude, “F*ck everything. F*ck this world. I’m out.”

Various sources have confirmed he agreed to do the LXG because he was feeling bitter for having turned down the role of Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings franchise.

Be the case as it may, Mr. Connery has written books and enjoyed tropical islands since he retired, and it’s hard to say whether he’s had any regrets as he is certainly one of the most famous and phenomenal actors in Hollywood history.

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