Tom Daley And Dustin Lance Black Are Engaged!

October 1, 2015


We’re happy to inform our readers that Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black are officially engaged!

After more than two years of dating, this couple of hunks decided to push their relationship to the next level, as we find out from E! News.

Daley and Black decided to follow in Benedict Cumberbatch’s footsteps when it comes to announcing their engagement.

If you bought The Times on Thursday, you could read the couple’s engagement announcement in the births, marriages, and deaths section of the magazine. The post reads: “The engagement is announced between Tom, son of Robert and Debra Daley of Plymouth, and Lance, son of Jeff Bisch of Philadelphia and Anne Bisch of Lake Providence.”

The relationship between the Olympic diver and the Oscar-winning screenwriter wasn’t always as public. Tom Daley first discussed his sexuality in a YouTube video in 2013, where he only said that he was in a serious relationship with a man. They made it official in May 2015, when the two moved in together.

If we would to put this news in a short message, it would be that ‘love doesn’t care for gender or age’. Just ask the 21-year-old Tom Daley and his 41-year old fiancé Dustin Lance Black!

Congrats, guys!

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