They Are Never, Ever, Ever Getting Back Together

June 13, 2014


Sorry folks, looks like those people who were hoping (and betting on) for a rekindling of romance between actress Gwyneth Paltrow and musician Chris Martin are going to be sad (and broke).

After their public announcement on “consciously uncoupling”, the pair was seen together on many occasions, thus sparking rumor that they were back together. As the rumors went on and on, they’ve decided to make another announcement through their representative:

“You will many times see them together, as they are raising two children. I don’t know why that is surprising since they were very clear when they announced their break-up that they were still very much a family, just not a couple.”

Looks like that’s really all (folks) for Goop and Coldplay’s frontman. Too bad for us, though. We’re so selfish, we know.

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