The Moment Of Truth – ‘Giuliana And Bill’ Season Finale

June 4, 2014


As we all know, the famous couple Giuliana and Bill Rancic are faced with the big moment of truth at the end of season 7 of their reality TV show. Their son Duke is about to have a baby brother or sister and everyone is extremely excited, but at the same time worried if everything will go as planned.

While at work, Giuliana gets a call from a music producer who informs her that rock legend Dee Snider wants her to record a rock ‘n’ roll version of “Silent Night” with him that will debut on iTunes.

Nervous but excited, Giuliana sets up a singing lesson with Brad Ellis, the vocal coach from Glee, to help prepare her for recording with Dee. “I cannot believe the legendary Dee Snider wants do a duet with a little ol’ me!” said Guiliana when she got the news.

Later on, Giuliana arrives in Denver so that she can be present for the embryo transfer process with their surrogate, Delphine.

After the process has been completed, Giuliana and Bill realize now they just have to wait.

Bill is working on a project of his own. He has a romantic gesture in store for his significant other.

He’s planning to create a two-story closet complete with a bathroom as a surprise for Giuliana.

It seems that everything is coming up roses for the couple, but as universe has its way of evening things out, even when that means going for the worse, bad news await just around the corner.

The couple gets the phone call they’ve been waiting for from Dr. Schoolcraft, and unfortunately, they don’t receive the news they were hoping for. The doctor explains that sometimes these things happen and just don’t go as planned.

Giuliana and Bill are no strangers to heartache when it comes to starting a family. “We experienced a miscarriage years ago when we were trying with Giuliana, so we had been keeping the pregnancy news tight to the vest,” Bill revealed. “Delphine is amazing. We hit the surrogate lottery when we met her. Obviously this was no fault of hers.”

Despite the setback, the couple is staying strong and leaning on each other for support, as well as their love for Duke. “Duke just turned 21 months and he’s a ball of energy. From the minute he wakes up he is just running.”

Unfortunately, little Duke will have to wait a bit more for his running buddy, but we’re sure it will be worth his while.

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