The Battle Over Robin Williams’ Estate Heads To Court

March 31, 2015


The late Robin Williams’ estate will be divided by a decision of the court in San Francisco, where the parties to this dispute were due on March 30.

Williams’ widow Susan Schneider and his children, Zachary, Zelda, and Cody, disagree over their entitlement to the late actor’s estate, in particular some personal items that the actor left to his family members.

Susan Schneider is asking the court in San Francisco for guidance when it comes to the meaning of some of the terms in Williams’ trust. Schneider believes the items in her Tiburon home that she shared with Williams belong to her, while the children should get the items in his Napa home.

The Williams children disagree and feel some of the items in the marital home were granted to them by the late actor’s trust. The two sides also disagree over his watch collection and certain items placed in a storage.

The children are “heartbroken” because, as they say, Schneider has “acted against [their father’s] wishes by challenging the plans he so carefully made for his estate.”

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