Ten Worst Things Celebrities Did in Their Careers


When it comes to making career decisions, celebrities are not immune to making mistakes.

It is understandable when the average person makes a bad decision because, unlike celebrities, most of us do not have agents and managers and all sorts of assistants to guide us.

Why, then, do so many celebrities seem to falter in their judgment?

Sometimes the missteps are the result of a genuine accident or a slip of the tongue. Sometimes the miscalculations come about because their managers steer them wrong or simply aren’t up to the task of guiding a multimillion dollar public career through the rough patches.

Sometimes, however, it seems as if the mistakes are deliberate or the result of self-sabotage. But that isn’t all of it.

Another big difference between celebrities and the rest of us is that our errors are a source of widespread public interest. When we make mistakes, news of our gaffes only spreads as far as immediate friends and family. When we screw up, it almost never gets media coverage.

Celebrities live in a world where their every move is of public interest. When they do make a mistake, everyone knows about it and has an opinion. Here is a look at the ten worst things celebrities have done to damage their careers. You’ll find that some of the rumors are true, some are false, and some are far worse than you ever imagined.

1. Tom Selleck Turned Down Indiana Jones

America loves Tom Selleck. From nostalgic flicks like “Quigley Down Under” and “Magnum, P.I.” to his stint on “Friends” and his starring role on “Blue Bloods,” we just can’t seem to get enough of Tom Selleck.

Heck, we even find his cheesy mustache appealing. But would it surprise you to learn that Tom turned down the opportunity to star in “Indiana Jones?”

The rumor has been, for a number of years, that Selleck turned down the franchise when it was offered to him. It is also rumored that the decision not to star in “Indiana Jones” combined with the end of the hit series “Magnum, P.I.” to damage Selleck’s career and lessen his visibility for several years.

Fortunately, Tom Selleck didn’t disappear from the public spotlight after allegedly turning down Indiana Jones, though his flame did seem to burn a little less brightly for a time. So why did he turn down the offer?

In March of 2014, Tom Selleck made an appearance on “The Late Show” in which he revealed that it was CBS that prevented him from starring in “Indiana Jones.” The network feared that the movie role would interfere with Selleck’s hit TV series and thus exerted contractual measures that prevented him from accepting the offer. It was CBS’s decision, and not Tom’s, that led to him working as a handyman in Hawaii after the “Magnum, P.I.” series came to a close.

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    Tom needs to get rid of those glasses that are way too small for his face/head. And the style doesn’t suit him well. IMO.

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