Sofía Vergara To Join The Simpsons

August 11, 2015


It has recently been revealed that “The Simpsons” were set for at least three more seasons in the future, which made the fans go ballistic. However, that’s not the end of good news, as now we learn that this popular TV show is about to welcome Sofía Vergara in its crew.

As EW reports, Vergara is set to lend her voice to Mrs. Berrera, a new teacher at Bart Simpson’s school. She will be featured in the episode “Teenage Mutant Milk-Caused Hurdles,” which will be aired at some point in the current season.

The plot of the episode will show us Bart going through some early puberty after drinking a milk substitute which is packed with suspicious hormones. This will cause Bart to grow an awesome mustache and develop feelings for his new teacher.

Interestingly enough, Principal Skinner is also supposed to have feelings for Mrs. Berrera. You can expect fun moments once Bart realizes one of his arch nemeses is falling for the same woman as he is. We’re just glad Harry Shearer changed his mind about leaving the show and will still be voicing our favorite Principal Skinner.

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