Sofia Vergara – Nick Loeb’s Lawsuit ‘Makes No Sense’

May 6, 2015


The Columbian beauty Sofia Vergara has finally broken silence about the whole frozen embryos lawsuit that her former fiancé Nick Loeb plans to make.

Apparently, the famous businessman wants to fight for the embryos the former couple created and froze while they were still together.

The actress thinks that their story is over, water under the bridge, but Loeb clearly can’t let go and wants to be a single dad to their child-to-be.

The lawsuit makes no sense. A child needs a loving relationship of parents that get along, that don’t hate each other,” Sofia said during an interview with Howard Stern on Monday.

“I don’t hate him but obviously he has a problem. A kid needs parents. I wouldn’t want to bring kids to the world where it’s already set against them. It would be so selfish.”

The Lawsuit Makes No Sense – Loeb Already Signed The Papers

Nick recently wrote an op-ed for the New York Times, clearly stating his plans to legally gain control of two frozen embryos the couple created before their parted ways in May 2014. Loeb says he wants to implant them in a surrogate and father the children him and Sofia never had. Eerie story indeed.

“Modern Family” star, however, said that she had not even read Nick’s letter, as her publicist had advised her not to, since the whole thing “makes no sense.”

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“You sign the papers. If it was so serious for him, this issue, which I totally respect because it’s serious, then you should’ve taken it more seriously at the time. And now you want to change your mind? You have to follow what you sign,” clear was Sofia.

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