Slash Dumped By Wife Perla?

December 31, 2014


What is it with celebs breakups near the end of a year? Looks like the Guns N’ Roses veteran will be waiting for 2015 on his own if he doesn’t work on his marriage.

Reportedly, Slash’s marriage is on the rocks! If sources are to be believed, his wife Perla has left L.A. and is already saying they’re separated!

Sources close to the couple tell us Perla unexpectedly flew to Hawaii over the weekend with their two sons.

And not only that, she allegedly threw down a deadline of some sort and told the top hat wearing guitarist that they need to work out their issues by New Year’s or their marriage is going to end.

Although the issues in question are unknown to us, it’s really not that big of a surprise.

The rocker couple had a lot (and we do mean a lot) of blowups and problems during the 13 years that they’ve been married. Another source revealed that “this time it’s different.” Looks like Perla had enough, but not officially, at least not yet. Perla still hasn’t filed for divorce legally; however, she is telling her friends that this is a separation.

The couple was already standing near the line of divorce back in 2010, when Slash filed the divorce documents. He withdrew those 2 months later. According to sources near the couple, no one’s mentioned divorce this time around.

We hope they’ll find a way to work things out, if not only for themselves and their kids, but for the sake of avoiding things getting pretty ugly, too – Perla is Slash’s manager and runs all of his companies. In other words, that would definitely not be a happy picnic.

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