Simon Cowell Swears And Apologizes For It

October 6, 2015


Everyone who ever watched any kind of talent competition on the small screen knows how vicious and ruthless Simon Cowell can be. The music mogul is best known for his brutally honest criticism, but even he needs to draw a line somewhere.

As E! News reports, Cowell crossed the line recently on the X Factor U.K. when he swore while shooting the show. Instead of the judges doing their regular job, the show’s producers gave the fans control over which judge gets to mentor with category of contestants.

Once the voting was over, Nick Grimshaw got the boys, Rita Ora was on girl-duty, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini was in charge of the groups, while poor Simon Cowell got ‘stuck’ with the elders.

Apparently, Cowell wasn’t too pleased with the outcome, which made him burst out in front of the audience. He said: “For f**** sake! Are you winding me up? Are you sure this is the right name in there? Can I have a look?”

The worst part about the whole situation surfaced when the elder group got super-excited for having Simon as their mentor. Once they realized how he reacted, comments like “that’s really discouraging” could be heard.

Since he ended things on a bad note, Cowell took it upon himself to make a public apology to the contestants via Twitter. He tweeted: “Sorry for swearing on the show tonight. It’s not big and it’s not clever. Yes I did apologize to my contestants.” Way to go, Simon!

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