Shia LaBeouf Engaged?

March 11, 2015


Shia Labeouf’s girlfriend Mia Goth has been seen wearing quite a suspicious ring for the last few days. Sure it can just be a plain ring, but then again it could mean that Goth and LeBeouf are engaged. The couple’s representatives haven’t made any comments yet.

The actors met while shooting Lars von Trier’s erotic two-part epic Nymphomaniac and were first linked as a couple in 2013.

Mia was just 19 when she started shooting the films, which raised eyebrows because they featured real sex. The model/actress was born in London but moved to Brazil where she lived until she was six-years-old.

Shia meanwhile rose to fame starring in the Disney Channel series Even Stevens. He made a name for himself both on and off screen.

LaBeouf has been attacked again and quite recently, after featuring in Sia’s “Elastic Heart” video, semi-naked, alongside 12-year-old dancer Maddie Ziegler, who previously starred in Sia’s “Chandelier”. The stars of the video can be seen climbing up the cage, wrestling, play-fighting and jumping on each other in artistic scene’ with Shia topless and also wearing flesh-colored clothing.

In the meantime, we will eventually find out whether the couple has decided to take the next step or not.

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