Sean Penn Filed A $10 Million Lawsuit Against Lee Daniels

September 23, 2015


There’s never a dull moment in Hollywood. Hollywood A-lister and (former?) bad boy Sean Penn has filed a $10 million defamation lawsuit against the creator of one of the most popular shows in the world, Empire.

Lee Daniels, the show’s creator, has been informed about the lawsuit and the reasons behind it.

This he said-she said drama is connected to some comments and remarks Daniel’ has made recently during an interview, regarding Terrence Howard’s legal troubles over domestic violence.

When asked about his leading man and his troubles, 55-year-old Daniels said: “Terrence ain’t done nothing different than Marlon Brando or Sean Penn, and all of a sudden he’s some f****** demon. That’s a sign of the time, of race, of where we are right now in America.”

Matthew Rosengart, Penn’s attorney, revealed what actions Penn is planning on taking, saying that the claims are “malicious and a reckless repetition of rumors and innuendo at the expense of others.”

Penn, also 55 years of age, filed his lawsuit in New York Supreme Court on September 22nd, which read that Penn “has been the subject of scandalous, scurrilous, and baseless attacks for years as a public figure.”

The legal complaint also cites Howard’s admission to physically abusing women or mistreating them, as well as some other seemingly valid points: “Penn, like any citizen, has a right to defend himself and will no longer tolerate the reckless and malicious behavior of others, who seek to aggrandize themselves or their projects at his expense. Accordingly, and because of Daniels’ defamatory statements, Penn brings this action for monetary relief, and to deter Daniels and others from their defamatory actions. Daniels has falsely asserted and/or implied that Penn is guilty of ongoing, continuous violence against women. Penn (unlike Howard) has never been arrested, much less convicted, for domestic violence, as his ex-wives (including Madonna) would confirm and attest.”

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