Rumors On Mariah And Nick’s Divorce Getting Worse By The Day

August 21, 2014


The high-pitched pop princess Mariah Carey and host, comedian and entrepreneur Nick Cannon have been in a seemingly happy marriage for six years, but the speculations on their separation are going for some time and now they’ve reached their climax.

It is rumored that the A-list pair have been living separately since May, and that they only see each other when Nick sees the kids.

Allegedly, divorce lawyers have been negotiating a property settlement and custody agreement for months now, and the divorce seems to be the only option for the ex-love birds.

The rumored reasons of their split are a whole spectrum for themselves – from infidelity to not being happy with public statements.

According to one story, Carey has suspected that Cannon was cheating, so she hired security guards to make sure he stayed away from other women during club appearances. She doesn’t waste any time, does she?

Another story contributes the split to Nick’s appearance on Big Boy’s radio show, in March. The radio host asked of Nick to name five celebs he has slept with, and Nick didn’t chicken-out.


The trouble with the whole thing is that Nick mentioned Kim Kardashian (whom he had dated shortly, before she was famous). Mariah allegedly lost it when he mentioned Kim, and all hell broke loose.

Sources say Mariah tore into Nick for weeks because she felt she was publicly humiliated, and their relationship never recovered. And then it got even worse.

When Cannon went on Howards Stern’s radio show, he talked about Carey “not giving it up” before their marriage. It is not needed to say how Maria reacted to that.

Sources say that the singer feels abandoned by her husband because he takes every gig that’s on the table, when they don’t really need the money. Also, he talks about her in that way that she doesn’t approve and the gig keep Nick away from their kids, which makes Carey even madder.

Nick, on the other hand, thinks that Mariah has become impossible to deal with, because she “surrounds herself with yes men.” He feels that she can’t stand it when he disagrees with her. Also, he’s mad because she’s complaining about his gigs and work in general, when he’s generated $75 million for their family, since 2011.

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