Romance Rumors Confirmed – Benji Madden And Cameron Diaz Are Officially A Thing!

June 4, 2014

diaz and madden

The chemistry between actresses and musicians is proven to be boiling hot once more.

Latest rumors that famous actress Cameron Diaz (41) and the guitarist and backup vocalist for the band “Good Charlotte” Benji Madden (35) are an item, have been confirmed.

Recently there have been reports that the two are more than just friends, after they were photographed together at a Los Angeles gym and Madden kept silent on the romance when asked by an Australian radio show, but exclusive photos of the duo smooching surfaced over the weekend.

The A-list actress and “Good Charlotte” rocker were spotted having breakfast at Manhattan’s ABC Kitchen on Sunday. “Throughout the entire meal, Cameron and Benji couldn’t keep their hands off each other,” said the witness who saw them in action. They were with the group of six people, but the two appeared to be in their own little world together.

“Everyone else at the table was talking and catching up, but Benji and Cameron were completely removed from the conversation. They were totally consumed with each other,” the source said.

Since we are never satisfied with a single piece of evidence, the fresh couple gave us more. The pair stepped out together holding hands for the first time without any restrain as they enjoyed a casual stroll in New York City on Tuesday. They already appear to be comfortable around each other, judging by their low-key garb and relaxed demeanors, and they weren’t shy in the slightest.

We can say nothing more, but congratulate the two on their new love, and hope that Cameron won’t feel tempted to experiment further, considering Benji has a twin brother, also a member of the band “Good Charlotte”. Who knows, maybe “Good Charlotte” is about to become a “Very Very Bad Charlotte”.

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