Robert Picardo Afraid Of His Estranged Wife

November 25, 2014


It’s never boring in Hollywood. Reportedly, Star Trek actor Robert Picardo is afraid of his estranged wife Linda Pawlik, and believes his life is in danger!

The Voyager star is said to have asked a judge to remove his estranged wife from his property, after a handgun registered in her name was used to kill her friend Edward Mello!

Picardo stated in recent court documents that Pawlik was questioned by the police after Edward’s death on October 29th.

The actor apparently got what he wanted, and Linda is ordered to move out of the guest house before December 7th.

Also, Pawlik was ordered to turn in ten guns when Robert got a restraining order taken out on her, but four were never turned in, including the one in question.

A few months ago, the police were allegedly investigating a domestic violence incident at the Star Trek Doctor’s home, in July this year.

The 61-year-old, who is currently in the process of divorcing Linda, was interviewed alongside Linda after someone called 911. The actor reportedly physically hurt Linda during a fight, however no one was arrested.

An insider close to the actor revealed that “the divorce is definitely on and every once in a while things get a little heated.”

This troubling news comes two years after Picardo filed for divorce from Pawlik. The divorce case had come to a halt until May this year, when the actor reportedly hired a new lawyer.

The pair married in 1984 and they have two daughters.

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