Retired: Michael Gambon Quits Theatre Due To Memory Loss

February 10, 2015


If there ever was a sadder reason for an actor to retire, we would like to know it. Famed British actor, Michael Gambon, is retiring from stage acting due to memory loss. The 74-year-old veteran actor revealed the news himself: “It’s a horrible thing to admit, but I can’t do it. It breaks my heart. It’s when the script’s in front of me and it takes me forever to learn it. It’s frightening.”

He explained that his long-term memory is intact, but he has a hard time with learning and retaining new information.

That makes the whole thing called “acting” pretty hard, as you can imagine. The actor had to be taken to the hospital twice in 2009, because he had panic attacks after forgetting his lines.

Gambon has tried to find ways to “work around” this problem, but nothing worked.

He even experimented with having someone feed him his lines through a tiny earpiece six months ago: “There was a girl in the wings and I had a plug in my ear so she could read me the lines. And after about an hour I thought, ‘This can’t work. You can’t be in theater, free on the stage, shouting and screaming and running around, with someone reading you your lines.”

However, Dumbledore himself doesn’t want to quit acting altogether because “one has to work.” He wants to find a way to stay in theater. He is best known for taking over the role of Dumbledore in the final six movies of the Harry Potter franchise, after Richard Harris, who played the part in the first two movies, died in 2002.

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