Reported Shooting at Lil Wayne’s Home Was a Hoax

March 12, 2015


An anonymous caller reported a shooting at Lil Wayne’s Miami Beach home at 12:40 PM Wednesday, saying 4 people had been shot.

Miami Beach police spokesman Ernesto Rodriguez said in a statement no gunman or victims were found at the rapper’s home, concluding the entire incident was actually a hoax.

The police unit that responded to the call included a SWAT team, but there was no evidence found of any shooting.

Lil Wayne was not at his Miami Beach home at the time of the call to the police, Chris Chambers, the rapper’s representative, said in a statement.

“We can say for sure it was a hoax,” Rodriguez said. “It’s not a laughing matter.”

The police department also added that people sometimes make false reports in order to “trigger a massive response” from the police, which is exactly what happened in this case. In addition to the SWAT team, the police response also included a K-9 dog unit that searched the 8-bedroom house.

“MBPD handles all calls of this nature in a serious manner,” the police department tweeted after the phoney phone Call.

Lil Wayne was reportedly at a recording studio at the time of the incident.

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