Recap of the BET Awards 2014

June 30, 2014


The 14th annual BET Awards were held at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, on June 29th. The show promised much, with killer line-up performances and presumably the best host for, well, pretty much anything. And yes, it was a pretty good, entertaining show.

The famed comedian Chris Rock had a lot to say about the events that happened in the past year, and he shared his thoughts in his manor, by tearing up the audience with laughter. No one was spared. “What’s happening in music this year? Well, Solange hit Jay Z in the elevator. That’s what happened,” he joked.

The standup comedian poked fun at Donald Sterling saying, “He didn’t want his girl hanging out with black basketball players. Me neither!”Rick Ross wasn’t spared wither; Rock said that Dr Dre might have beats (referring to Dre’s headphones, which brought him 3 billion dollars) but Rick Ross has diabeat(e)s. Well played, sir.


The performances were, mildly said, amazing. The “Happy” singer Pharell Williams performed his new song “Come Get It Bea” with a surprising guest, Missy Elliot! They also brought it up a notch with her hit “Pass That Dutch!” Minds were blown.

Rapper T.I performed “No mediocre” with his protégé Iggy Azalea, who later gave the audience what they wanted when she performed her huge hit “Fancy.”

Don’t forget, first things first – she’s the realest!

It seemed that she got a stamp of approval of her peers in the audience, because everyone was digging her performance, from Snoop to Run, and even Nicki Minaj did a little dance to her alleged rival’s song.

Speaking of Miss Minaj, she also took the stage last night. “Pills And Potions” is a hit right now, and so was her acid trip performance. After a mild twerk on a motorcycle, she got on the main stage via mushroom. How very “Alice in Wonderland” of her. It was pretty good, though, but there was really no need for that weird, scary white rabbit on stage.

An at the end, as a special addition to the show, Mr. and Mrs. Carter shared an exclusive clip of their “Partition” performance from their ONR tour. Hot! Lionel Richie, Usher, Chris Brown, Jennifer Hudson also graced the stage.

The winners of the awards were Young Money (for best group) who got feisty and rude while accepting their speech, Beyoncé (for best female R&B), Pharell Williams (best male R&B), Drake (best male hip hop artist), Nicki Minaj (best female hip hop artist) and many more.

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