Ray J In Another Odd Encounter With The Police Force

August 11, 2014

Ray J

The man who became famous by making Kim Kardashian famous had a weird encounter with the police force last Wednesday.

The singer took some photos with police officers after being pulled over, which has caused the LAPD to launch an internal affairs investigation.

Ray J was driving around in his new Bentley in the San Fernando Valley, when two officers noticed he was holding his cell phone.

The cops pulled him over and told him it was illegal to text and drive.

They were also suspicious about the car because it had no license plate but a customized “RJ” frame. Ray J explained he was not texting but simply trying to connect his blue tooth.

The cops then ran his license and registration, came back to the car and warned him if he was texting he shouldn’t do it anymore. They also asked if he was in the music business.

The police officers then ordered the singer out of the car and he was panicked things would go downhill, but it turned out the officers just wanted to take some photos with the celebrity, and let him off the hook.

While Ray J got off clean, the police officers in question are in trouble. The LAPD has just launched an internal affairs investigation over the incident, as its protocol that photos not be taken with someone who has been pardoned.

Meanwhile, the “I hit it first” singer is still facing charges for his previous arrest, in another odd interaction with the police force.

A few months back, he kicked out the window of a cop car, and spit in an officer’s face.

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