Paul McCartney Denied From Tyga’s Grammys Afterparty

February 17, 2016


Well, that was awkward.

Huge icon of music, Sir Paul McCartney, was denied entry into rapper Tyga’s Grammys afterparty, along with famed musician Beck and Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins.

The “incident” occurred on Monday, February 15th, at The Argyle where Tyga’s party was being held.

The world-known trio waited patiently in front of the nightclub, in order to join the celeb-packed celebration, only to get turned down twice by the bouncers!

The 73-year-old Beatles legend didn’t make a scene, however, nor did the other two famous gentlemen. McCartney even joked about the situation, saying “How VIP do we gotta get? We need another hit guys. Work on it!” Beck, the 45-year-old singer and 11-instrument virtuoso, laughed at the joke and responded with “Next year, next year.”

After the awkward rejection, the popular musical trio simply walked away and got into a car with the rest of their entourage. Although there was no room for them at Tyga’s bash, the party at Hyda Sunset Kitchen + Cocktails held by Republic Records happily accepted the three music stars. McCartney reportedly had an amazing time there, and danced the night away, along with famed actor Woody Harrelson.

Rapper Tyga, who performed at The Argyle, took to Twitter the very next day to explain the situation. He tweeted “Why would I deny Paul McCartney? Stop it. He’s a legend. I Don’t control the door. I had no knowledge of Sir Paul was there. I just performed and left.”

All’s well that ends well right?

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