On Camera Couple: Alec Baldwin And Julianne Moore On “Still Alice”

April 4, 2014


Locked lips…but just for the movie

With waves crashing behind them, Julianne Moore and Alec Baldwin share a passionate kiss in the making of “Still Alice.” As a matter of fact, this is not the first time Moore and Baldwin have played lovers. In the series “’30 Rock,” Moore played Baldwin’s love interest. The romantic scene in “Still Alice” takes place on the wind-swept rocks of a scenic Long Island beach.

While it may appear scandalous for the married pair, fans can be assured that this intimate moment was just for show. To add to the natural moment, Baldwin dons a casual pair of navy slacks, black shirts and brown leather shoes. Moore is clad in flowing signature red locks, baggy jeans and laced-up boots with a flannel shirt.

All About “Still Alice”

“Still Alice” is a compelling movie of a 50-year-old woman who is struck by Alzheimer’s disease. Moore plays the leading part of character Alice Howland who is happily married to Baldwin and has three grown children along with a home on the Cape. She is a renowned Harvard professor who slowly descents into early onset Alzheimer’s disease and feels forgetfulness creeping into her life.

Alice is also plagued by cloudy thinking as her memory begins to fail. The movie captures the terrifying, inspiring and heartbreaking events of this disease, as Alice feels her sense of self slowing being stripped away. The movie portrays what it’s actually like to lose your mind. It packs a strong emotional punch and is reminiscent of movies like the “Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time” and “A Beautiful Mind.”


Kristen Stewart plays the part of Moore’s daughter in the movie. In her typical sullen style, Stewart develops a deeper relationship with her mother as she goes through the tragic stages of the illness.

Stewart gained a whopping 15 pounds for the role and rocks her usual chilled and school-girl look in the movie and offset.

In this heart-wrenching indie film, Baldwin plays the role of Dr. John Howland and husband to Alice. He plays a soft guy in this film instead of his usual tough-guy role.

Will it be a hit at the Box office?

Lisa Genova is the New York Times bestselling author of “Still Alice.” The novel was definitely a success, but will the movie be a blockbuster hit? With its star-studded cast and timely, inspirational story, many are predicting a high level of interest in this film. Shooting began in February 2014, and the movie is projected to hit the screen in 2015. Be sure to bring your tissues.

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