Mistress of Former L.A. Clippers Owner Owes His Wife Millions

April 16, 2015


Donald Sterling’s mistress, V. Stiviano, owes Shelly Sterling $2.6 million, a judge ruled Tuesday.

Shelly Sterling sued V. Stiviano for the lavish gifts and extravagant living expenses her husband paid for and is thrilled with the court’s decision, which awarded her the title of an $1.8 million home Sterling purchased for Stiviano.

V. Stiviano is the woman behind Donald Sterling’s downfall, his personal assistant and mistress who recorded Sterling’s message packed with insensitive racial comments that led the NBA to force him to sell his L.A. Clippers franchise he had owned for 33 years, banning him from the league for life.

Pierce O’Donnell, the lawyer for Shelly Sterling, released a brief statement following the decision, saying “Shelly is thrilled with this decision. It is a victory for the Sterling family to recover millions that Donald lavished on a conniving mistress.”

In addition to the home, Stiviano owes Sterling more than $1 million in cash Donald Sterling used to shower his mistress with expensive gifts, including three luxury cars.

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