Mia Farrow In Midst Of Twitter Backlash: Actress Posts Cecil’s Killer’s Address

July 30, 2015


The horrid death of Cecil, one of Zimbabwe’s beloved lions, caused more damage than killer Walter Palmer could ever imagine. Although the outrage is completely called for, some of Mia Farrow’s Twitter followers think that the actress has taken it a bit too far.

Farrow was standing up for Cecil yesterday, and she tweeted the killer dentist’s widely known business address with her followers.

However, the huge Twitter audience mistook the business address for a home address, and instantly back-lashed at the 70-year-old actress.

Many of them also called for a suspension of Farrow’s social media account, saying “Are you trying to send a mob?”, “I hate what he did, but giving out his address isn’t the way to go,” “Maybe Donald Trump should give out your phone number,” etc.

The legendary actress’ since-deleted tweet was just one of many outraged and disbelieving reactions to the untimely death of the beloved lion. Celebrities are calling out for justice as the internet boils in rage over the sport killing of the majestic animal.

Palmer’s trophy-hunting behavior hit the news of July 28th, when the inhumanely killing was announced by the scientists who were monitoring Cecil. The Minnesota dentist has apologized for the situation and said that he “deeply regrets” what he claims to have been a “legal and properly handled” hunting trip killing. He has been in hiding since the story broke out.

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