Mel B And Stephen Belafonte: What’s Actually Going On?

December 16, 2014


Things are looking scary for “Scary Spice.” It was reported that former Spice Girl Mel B has walked out on her husband of seven years, Stephen Belafonte, in the midst of fueled internet rumors of domestic abuse.

Allegedly, rumors started spreading online on Sunday, December 14th, when Mel appeared on the UK’s X Factor finale show, after not showing up for the semi-finals the night before, due to an unspecified illness.

That wouldn’t cause a rumor mill, if only Mel B hadn’t appeared on the show without her wedding ring and sporting what looked like bruises on her face and arms. Logically, all hell broke loose on the internet, when worried fans began speculating about the “real” cause of her absence.

While Mel B vocally ignored the comments, Belafonte responded to those made on Twitter, denying allegations and calling them “disgusting” and “untrue.”

But now it seems that there might be some truth behind the whole ordeal. Reportedly, the northerner has now left the London home she shared with Belafonte, an American director, and sources have confirmed that luggage and boxes were being taken away from the house on Monday, December 15th.

According to one source, the couple has always had a volatile relationship, while another source revealed the X Factor judge was in tears during commercial breaks for the hugely popular TV finale show.

Danielle Brown, the singer’s sister, added fuel to the rumors, by tweeting out a series of increasingly desperate messages during her sister’s mystery illness, threatening to go to the press with recordings of “abusive phone calls” Belafonte had allegedly made to Mel in the past week, unless she and her mom were able to contact the singer, or at least find out what was wrong with her.

No representatives of the popular 90’s performer made any comments on the allegations.

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