Mayweather Jr. Not Denied Boxing Licence Despite A Lengthy Criminal Record

April 30, 2015


In the wake of the “fight of the century”, many people are left wondering how Floyd Mayweather Jr. managed to renew his boxing licence last week despite being charged with domestic violence six times and serving two months in jail in 2012.

The boxer has never been disciplined by the Nevada Athletic Commission even though he’s had 26 of his 47 professional matched in that state, and will fight in Las Vegas again on May 2.

Mayweather Jr. stands to earn around $180 million for fighting Manny Pacquiao in two days and is the official promoter of the event, which is set to bring in enormous amounts of money for everyone involved.

While getting his licence renewed last week, Chairman Francisco Aguilar asked how “his training was going”, commissioner Pat Lundvall asked about his promoter’s license and whether there have there been any additional domestic violence charges laid against the boxer, because six doesn’t seem to be that alarming.

“Um, not from me. I don’t know about no one else, but not for me,” Mayweather Jr. said. “I mean, anything that happened with domestic violence is a thing of my past. Once again, I never claimed to be perfect. As far as I know, everything I had to do, I did.”

Mayweather Jr. has been cleared for the fight on Saturday and will face the Filipino fighter at the MGM Grand Garden in front of an elite crowd.

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