Madonna Defends Ex Sean Penn: “He Has Never Struck Me”

December 18, 2015


After Sean Penn’s lawsuit against Lee Daniels saw the light of day, many people started discussing whether the stories of the famed actor’s temperament have any solid ground.

And as usual, if anyone can help, it’s the Queen of Pop herself, Madonna.

The international superstar stood up for her ex-husband, and issued a declaration in which she denies that Penn physically injured her.

In the statement, Madonna says that she’s “aware of the allegations that have surfaced over the years, which accuse Penn of incidents of physical assault and abuse against her.” She categorically denies all allegations, saying that they are “completely outrageous, reckless, and false.”

To remind you, Penn is suing the creator of Empire for $10 million after he stated that the 55-year-old Hollywood A-lister is abusive towards women. Daniels was trying to defend Empire star Terrence Howard at the time of making allegations against Penn, during an interview.

Since then, Daniels has cited the First Amendment in an attempt to get the lawsuit dismissed, however, that action did not stand in court. According to Penn’s lawyer, “Daniels’ statements which falsely accuse Penn of committing serious, multiple crimes against women, are not protected by the First Amendment.”

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