Ludacris Vs Delta Airline

August 7, 2014


The famous rapper Ludacris landed in Atlanta on Monday morning and realizing he left something at the airport – his daughter. Sources reveal that the father-daughter pair was flying from LAX to Atlanta, where his 13 year old daughter Karma was going to catch a connecting flight to New York City by herself.

It turns out that it was a 4-hour layover and Ludacris ended up leaving his daughter in the first class lounge. Well, it could be worse than first class, but still.

It seems the problem was the fact that Ludacris’ daughter Karma is not allowed to fly without an adult, due to her being under 15. That’s the reason why Delta would not let her on the flight.

Supposedly, Delta Airlines did call Ludacris and informed him the airline would provide adult supervision if he paid a $100 fee. But, the rapper refused and he came back to the airport, picked up his daughter and they went home.

Ludacris’ representative said that the rapper booked the first class ticket for the flight himself and he was told there would be a 1 ½ hour layover, not a 4 hour one.

He also claims that he was told, while booking the flight, that the only requirement was that an adult (in this case, Karma’s mom) was needed to be present in NYC when the plane landed. The rapper is furious and still shocked that Delta changed the rules just like that, without letting anyone know.

A source close to the rapper stated that he did in fact paid the $100 fee and that he put his daughter on the next available flight. With a first class seat, of course.


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