Love At First Urge: Selena Gomez And Zedd

February 27, 2015


Well, that’s another way of meeting people. Dj Zedd recently revealed in an interview how exactly he met his rumored girlfriend Selena Gomez. And it’s pretty awkward.

The famous 25-year-old DJ recalled the meeting: “It was about as random as it gets. I had the day off and I decided to go buy stuff for my house because I just moved. So I have an empty house, and I had to pee. I had my engineer with me, so I was like, ‘I hope they have a bathroom.’ He was like, ‘Just go to the studio over there,’ which was across the street from my studio. He’s like, ‘They have a bathroom, just go and use that.’”

After Zedd walked in the studio, the head of their label introduced him to Selena and he thought that she was pretty cool and that they could do a song together. “All because I had to pee,” the young star concluded.

The DJ and the 22-year-old pop Disney star turned pop have become fast friends, and allegedly, even more than that.

The rumored couple has gotten cozy in Instagram photos and was spotted holding hands at a Golden Globes afterparty on January 11th.

Earlier this month, Zedd also dropped his song “I Want You to Know” off his second album, which features Justin Bieber’s ex girlfriend.

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