Lisa Kudrow’s “The Comeback” Coming Back To HBO?

April 1, 2014


Rumor has it that “The Comeback” is under consideration for a second turn on HBO after a nine year hiatus. Fans of the HBO series said their goodbyes to the comedy in 2005.

You might call this the decade of comebacks for television, however, “Arrested Development” was put down in 2006 by the Fox Broadcasting Company only to have Netflix breathe new life into the award winning series almost a decade later. Creators of “The Comeback” are hoping for a similar miracle.

Is “The Comeback” the new “Arrested Development?”

It is hard not to make a comparison between “Arrested Development” and “The Comeback.” After all, both series sat in the cancelled pile for years before some broadcasting forward thinker picked up the last script and said, “Hey, what’s this?” Both shows are comedies with a strong cult following, but the truth is, that is where the similarities end.

“Arrested Development” was always a favorite among the critics. It even made “Time” magazine’s list of top shows of all time. “The Comeback” on the other hand never really saw two thumbs up from TV critics.

Even with respected comedic actress Lisa Kudrow at the helm, the HBO original series got a lukewarm reception at best. A few critics loved it, and it did grow a strong cult fan base while showing on The Sundance channel. In 2012, an entertainment magazine named “The Comeback” one of the 25 best cult shows in the past 25 years.

So, what killed “The Comeback” even after it was nominated for three Primetime Emmy’s? Ratings, ratings, ratings, or lack of them, would lead to its ultimate demise. Slotted in a prime spot just after the hit series “Entourage,” Kudrow’s show still failed to bring in the numbers for HBO. In September of 2005, the network announced it was canceling the comedy after just thirteen weeks.

Valerie Cherish finally gets her second chance


“The Comeback” is a mockumentary built around the life of D-list actress Valerie Cherish, played by “Friends” star and show creator Lisa Kudrow.

Cherish is trying to make a comeback after her hit series is cancelled.

The show is shot much like Fox’s “Modern Family.” Viewers experience the life of Valerie Cherish as if watching reality TV.

Show creator and producer Michael Patrick King, along with Kudrow, have been talking about the future of Valerie Cherish.

The first season was really about her distorted view of herself and her lost career. King says the second installment might show Valerie getting everything she dreamed about when envisioning a comeback, and how that just creates a new fresh hell in her life.

In a 2013 interview with Andy Cohen, Kudrow speculated on where Valerie would be right now if the show continued. Kudrow admitted during the interview that she often thinks about ways to modernize Cherish. Perhaps she would take classes at the Actor’s Studio, or make it big as one of the “Real Housewives.”

The comeback question

At this point, a second season of “The Comeback” on HBO appears to be just speculation. It is clear that King and Kudrow would love to see Valerie brought back to life. It also seems clear that critics and fans are calling out the entertainment giant on Valerie’s behalf. HBO, however, has not committed to anything.

The word is, the comeback of “The Comeback” is just under consideration. Called a show ahead of it’s time, it could be that “The Comeback” might finally be a good fit for today’s modern television audience.

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