Lenny Kravitz And His Penis Performing In Stockholm

August 5, 2015


Out of all the people on the modern music scene, Lenny Kravitz was always that one guy you could count on to put up a show. However, nobody was expecting a performance like the one on Monday.

During his concert in Stockholm, Sweden, the handsome singer tried to do an awesome move and drop to the ground, but unfortunately, he wasn’t the only one who dropped – once he crouched, Kravitz’ pants split open and gave the fans a clear view of his bare penis!

Unfortunately for the fans, Kravitz didn’t continue like this. He simply covered his crotch with his hands, went backstage, and came out moments later with a fresh pair of pants. One first-row fan even had a chance to snap a pic of the singer and flailing his manhood onstage.

You would think this incident will teach the 51-year-old singer not to breakdance in skin-tight leather pants, but there’s less chance of him changing his style than any of us going home with this hunky celeb.

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