Lady Gaga: Face Of Shiseido

December 30, 2014


Lady Gaga lands business gigs like it’s no big deal. This time, the Mother Monster herself got a business proposal from a cosmetic company.

Shiseido, a Japanese beauty brand, has taken notice of Lady Gaga’s flawless skin and her shockingly good selfie taking skills. The “Poker Face” singer was hired by the cosmetic company as the face of its 2015 New Year’s advertising campaign.

The 28-year-old “Born This Way” singer took 50 different selfies which will be published in different Japanese newspapers; 46 of the close-up shots to be published on Thursday, January 1st, and the remaining four on Monday, January 5th.

The hitmaker’s Instagram page is filled with hundreds of selfies. Some of them are packed with Gaga’s dramatic essence, some are with her crazy hairstyles, and there are even a few makeup-free ones, too.

Gaga’s going to be a natural when it comes to this gig. Not only is she great at taking selfies and has a obvious Gagaesque style, she also really a joys the art of applying makeup and creating yourself in the way you want to be created that day. Gaga is the perfect spokesperson for the beauty company:

“Sit in front of the mirror with all of the paints and colors and wigs that you have at your disposal, and just have a real talk with yourself. What do I not like about me?’ And then, peer into the mirror and just f**king draw right over it because that’s what makeup is here for. We’re not all perfect – it’s meant to be fun so we can bond as women, and say, ‘You know what? We don’t all feel perfect, but did you try that lipstick? It’s divine.’”

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