Kurt Russell Reveals Details about Princess Diana’s Stay at His Ranch

January 20, 2016


During an interview for Australia’s talk show, The Project, actor Kurt Russell revealed that Princess Diana stayed at his and Goldie Hawn’s ranch in Colorado with sons William and Harry in 1995.

Russell met Princess Diana and Prince Charles during a movie premiere in 1991, about which he shared the details on the talk show.

“I met her with Prince Charles, it was a screening of Backdraft, a movie,” Kurt explained of their meeting.

“They were doing a royal – a royal thing. I was in between the two, kind of interesting at the time! They weren’t getting along great.”

“During the evening we talked about the paparazzi and the difficulty she had going different places and stuff so I said, well, if you ever get a chance you know come over to the ranch, we’ve got a good long driveway and it’s hard for the paparazzi to get in there so maybe you’d like to do that.”

Kurt then explained that Goldie knew Diana’s sister-in-law, Sarah Ferguson, and the two arranged for the Princess and her two boys to come and stay at the ranch.

“Goldie [Hawn] and Fergie [Sarah Ferguson] knew each other through a friend and they put it together, and she brought the boys and they stayed in the house.”

Although Diana did stay at Russell’s and Hawn’s home, the two never met their royal guest, but Diana did bond with their housekeeper, Bonnie, every Christmas she’d get a nice card from Diana.

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