Kurt Busch And His Hired Assassin Ex

January 15, 2015


Let’s be honest here – certain celebrities have said some pretty crazy stuff over the years, and we thought nothing can ever surprise us again. You could say that we were wrong, since NASCAR racer Kurt Busch just testified in court that he believes his ex is a hired assassin!

Kurt “The Outlaw” Busch has been testifying all this week after his ex took him to court for a no-contact order. At a certain point, Busch said that Patricia Driscoll is a murderer for hire.

And when his attorney asked why he believed so, he said: “Everybody on the outside can tell me I’m crazy, but I lived on the inside and saw it firsthand.”

Busch made claims about Driscoll’s trips under secret pretenses. He also said that he once saw her return home in a blood-spattered dress.

The reason behind their break-up, according to Busch, was his inability to juggle their relationship and his career at the same time.

As for Patricia Driscoll, her response to Busch’s accusations was mostly defensive: “These statements made about being a trained assassin, hired killer, are ludicrous and without basis and are an attempt to destroy my credibility.”

All-in-all, we can’t really say as to who’s right here, but imagining lovely Driscoll as a hired killer is bit difficult.

Whatever the case may be, our best way of finding out the truth would be to sit and wait until early February, when the no-contact trial between Busch and Driscoll begins.

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