Kim Kardashian Planning On Naming Son After Her Father

December 7, 2015


After news broke that famed TV reality persona Kim Kardashian and rapper Kanye West had welcomed their second child into the world, rumors around the newborn’s name are now in full swing.

According to an insider close to the A-list couple, Kim and Kanye are planning gracing their newborn’s son with a middle name in honor of her late father. Robert Kardashian, Kim’s father and O.J. Simpson’s infamous lawyer, died of cancer in 2003 at the age of 59.

The 35-year-old celebrity star and the famed rapper welcomed their son on Saturday, December 5th. They had a list of names and reportedly decided on one after birth.

However, no official statement has been made yet. Kim revealed the birth of her and West’s son via Twitter, when she posted a picture in which the couple’s hands can be seen clamped together. She captioned the photo with a simple, yet joyous, sentence: “He’s here!”

The Twiterverse picked the name Easton as the best contestant for the young boy’s first name, and Kim reportedly likes it. However, her husband is not “feeling it.”

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