Katy Perry’s Alleged Boyfriend Diplo Expecting A Baby With His Ex-Girlfriend

October 24, 2014


The international pop star Katy Perry is believed to be dating DJ and music producer Diplo, who is having a child with former girlfriend Kathryn Lockhart!

Diplo and Kathryn are having a second child together, a sibling for Lockett, their four-year-old son.

Diplo, whose real name is Wesley Pentz , began dating Katy in April this year and it is rumored that Lockhart was already pregnant at the time.

A source revealed that Lockhart is due in the next couple of weeks and that her friends recently had a baby shower for her, and added that she and Wesley are not together, but he’s actively involved in Lockett’s life.

Katy, who recently went through divorce from comic Russell Brand, is reportedly feeling in control of the relationship and is keen to keep things quiet for now. The source said: “She’s keeping this one undercover because she’s learned her lesson. She’s in control, but he likes that.” The source also said that Wesley knows she’s in charge and respects her. She also keeps tabs on him but still trusts him and that’s the most important thing to her.

The 29-year-old pop sensation has already introduced the 35-year-old DJ and music producer to her family and it is believed the relationship is getting more serious by the day. Her family allegedly likes him a lot and that it’s obvious that she feels extremely comfortable with him already, because the whole crew hangs with him and they all approve. It’s important to her that everyone gets along with him because that makes “her crazy life easier.”

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