Kate Upton – The New Face Of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

April 8, 2014

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

Fashion and glamour magazines were at twitter with the recent news that model Kate Upton was just named the new face of makeup behemoth Bobbi Brown. There’s nothing like a celebrity endorsement deal to send a model or a celebrity’s net worth skyrocketing.

People assume that actors get rich solely from acting and models acquire massive amounts of filthy lucre by walking miles and miles of runway shows, but in reality, famous celebrity figures make a lot of their money through endorsement deals and appearances.

Even so-called “B-listers” make a lot of their money fronting brands in overseas campaigns. Remember that Heineken commercial with Jennifer Aniston? No? Of course not, because it was filmed and aired in Japan. Upton’s recent appointment adds to her ever-increasing celebrity endorsement portfolio.

And the hits just keep on coming

With Upton’s recent crowning as the face of Bobbi Brown, she takes over the role previously held by Katie Holmes. The two Kates are the only celebrity spokespeople the brand has ever had.

While March seems to have dumped snow and freezing, cold weather on most New Yorkers, it seems to have brought nothing but golden sunshine to Upton as it appeared that everything she touched turned to gold…or brown in this case.

First, she was appointed brand ambassador of the popular clothing brand, Express. Fresh on the heels of that announcement came the Bobbi Brown appointment. Lest you think this was all new to her, she’d already been hoofing it up as the face of Sam Edelman, and she’d had not one, not two, but three Sports Illustrated covers to her name.

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A natural choice

Upton seems to be a natural fit for the Bobbi Brown brand. Bobbi Brown herself called Upton the perfect choice to front the brand. Bobbi Brown has always eschewed the overly made-up face, opting and championing instead for makeup looks that celebrated a person’s individual and unique looks.

Rather than featuring women who were made up to look like completely different people, her goal is to encourage women to wear makeup that help them look like their very best selves. For this reason alone, Upton is a great choice.

An attainable model

A long-time equestrian, Upton isn’t your typical supermodel. She’s been lauded for her athletic build and her fresh, all-American features. Her beauty is not alien and otherworldly, but instead attainable and aspirational.

Her rise to fame is typical of many celebrity success stories today since social media propelled it forward. Her unique take on hip-hop dance is what took her from the runway to the golden brick road. We can only wonder where she’ll end up next.

Oh, wait, we do know – she’s starring in the film “The Other Woman” with Cameron Diaz and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.

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