Kate Middleton Given Birth To A Princess, Look Radiant After Birth

May 4, 2015


Kate Middleton gave birth to a little princess on Saturday with Prince William right by her side.

The royal couple made their exit from the St. Mary’s hospital just hours after the arrival of their daughter, and while the crowd was waiting to see the newborn baby, it was actually Kate that drew most of the attention.

Looking absolutely radiant right after labour, the Duchess of Cambridge appeared as if she spent hours getting ready, not giving birth to a healthy baby girl.

Not everyone is convinced Kate gave birth on Saturday morning given how dazzling she looked only 10 hours later, but it’s no secret her little army of helpers worked round the clock at the hospital to make sure Kate made the impression that she did.

Now the world awaits to see what the Duke and Duchess will name the little princess. Will it be Charlotte or Alice?

As far as sibling rivalry goes, the birth of the new royal baby has attracted more than 1 million posts, beating the birth of her older brother George, whose birth drew in 900,000 tweets.

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