Kat Von D Receiving Death Threats!

June 22, 2014


How horrible! Michael Nunn from Iowa has been sending Kat Von D death threats via Twitter, and the police are trying to find him before he actually tries to do something! So far they have been unable to track him down. LAPD has a warrant out for his arrest, and we hope they will get to use it really soon, before he actually does something stupid and awful.

The lunatic sent Kat several tormenting tweets:

“You have to understand, Kat, my life is over because of you. Therefore, what would my only reason for living be? Revenge.”

“Get it through your head!! Lose the game or watch people die! You’re running out of time and I’m not running out of anger and determination.”

After threatening the famous tattoo artist, he tweeted that he wants people to feel guilty for what he’s about to do in a matter of weeks and that he’ll “go Columbine in Los Angeles.”

What’s wrong with this man?! Allegedly, he has been tormenting Kat Von D for two years now and that she took out a restraining order against him in 2012. He reportedly also harassed her with phone calls and showed up at her home and work place.

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  1. Alexis Lee Jackson August 12, 2014 at 5:16 am - Reply

    I don’t blame em all them tattoos on her body-_-SHAMEFUL

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