Kardashian Intimates – Kardashian’s Pricey Luxury Lingerie Collection

April 3, 2014


The Kardashian sisters have long since received attention for every detail about their outfits and their bodies, so it’s only natural for the women to want to profit from the exchange.

They’ve decided to put their family name to good use by launching a line of lingerie known as Kardashian Intimates.

What’s more, they decided to model the line of lingerie themselves in order to appeal to the masses, coming close to baring it all in order to make their bras and panties appeal all the more desirable.

Design Process

It’s typical for celebrities to throw their name only at merchandise that comes their way without having even an iota of input, such as NBA stars and basketball shoes. When it comes to the Kardashian Intimates collection, however, the efforts of the sisters have been made clear; they designed the collection from start to bottom and had creative control all the way.

As such, women who slide on the lingerie know that they’re getting exactly what the Kardashians want the world to wear in order to look as sexy as the three sisters do each day. They decided to release the lingerie to match their line of handbags, shoes, and jewelry, which have long since pulled in revenue from their famous name.

Big Brand Names

The first store to pick up the line of Kardashian Intimates was Sears, who announced that they would be partnering with the sisters’ fashion company in order to promote the new products. Back in 2011, when they first announced the lingerie collection, they shot a simple still shot of the three sisters together.

Since then, the photography sessions have been longer and racier in order to make the lingerie sell more and more. And it’s proven to be a good move, since the brand has moved considerably more inventory since the trio of Kardashians decided to model the products aggressively.

Examples of the stronger ads include Kim wearing nothing but a pair of nearly-nothing pink silk shorts with a pillow covering up her top assets, with the sultry caption “can’t sleep tonight.” These photos, taken prior to Kim’s pregnancy, still remain the main engine for the catalog’s success.


Price Tags

Some women have found the price of looking like a Kardashian isn’t worth the investment. With pieces that cost as much as eighty to one hundred dollars, it’s a significant chunk of change in order to wear the sisters’ brands, especially at a time when worldwide spending on lingerie has reached new lows.

Some more modestly priced pieces, such as lace corsets for only $35, have proven to be better at attracting customers. A recent sale on the various leggings (available online for as little as five dollars) has helped consumers to come around on the Intimates collection and fill up their wardrobe with Kardashian approved merchandise.

Social Sales

Perhaps the most effective method of Kardashian promotion for their new lineup of lingerie has been social media. Each week, a Kardashian posts images of their new bras, panties, and stockings on Instagram in order to motivate more views, clicks, and sales.

Using Twitter, the sisters have used the hashtags of various clothing providers, such as Australia’s Mary Holland, in order to get the word out.

Their Facebook page, furthermore, offers a tempting glimpse of more snapshots of the lingerie model for those who like the brand and agree to share it among their circle of friends.

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