Kanye West Hospitalized, Cancelled Tour Dates

November 23, 2016


As TMZ reports, Kanye West was hospitalized after canceling all the remaining Saint Pablo tour dates on Monday, November 21.

Another report, this time from NBC News, states that Los Angeles police responded to a medical welfare call about 1:20 p.m. PT.

Of course, there was no criminal activity involved as the decision to hospitalize Kanye was purely for health and safety reasons. The rapper was taken to UCLA Medical Center and was apparently evaluated for severe sleep deprivation.

Acting Erratically

The latest update from TMZ says Kanye was at his trainer Harley Pasternak’s home when the emergency call was placed and was “acting erratically.”

They also stated that the rapper resisted their attempt to take him to the hospital and “was restrained when he was transported.”

‘He’s Just Exhausted’

Another source close to the star explained why he had to cancel the remainder of his Pablo tour.

“He’s just exhausted.”

“He’s been working around the clock on fashion design, both his own line and the Adidas line. He’s a notorious workaholic … so balancing both that work — which is extremely important to him — and the rigors of the tour every night, it really wore him out.”

Prior to this incident, the famous rapper abruptly ended Sacramento show after only 30 minutes and went on a lengthy rant about Beyoncé, Jay Z, Hillary Clinton and the media.

Could this finally be it? Is Kanye going slightly mad?

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