Justin Bieber’s Top 8 Newsworthy Stunts

December 31, 2013

1. Bieber Retires!

Teen Choice Awards 2012 - Arrivals

This is perhaps the largest bit of news that our little pop star has released. After announcing his retirement on Christmas Day via Twitter, more than a few beliebers are drying their eyes. Some speculate that with the release of his documentary Believe on Christmas Day, the tweet was simply a hoax to draw attention.

2. He’s Dating Selena Gomez

This pair was just as cute as a could be and many rejoiced when he announced that he and the Disney cutie were dating. Even more however berated Selena with angry tweets, hate mail, and much more threatening that if she broke his heart, they would kill her.

3. He’s Not Dating Selena Gomez


Just a year or so after they announced that they were dating, the pair had called it quits. The first time they broke up they were split for a few weeks before rejoining. However, in 2013 the pair called it quits for good.

4. Believe Bombs

His second documentary was slated to be a hit but it rather flopped. The film opened to poor ticket sales, poor reviews, and even poorer fan response. Perhaps fans are growing tired?

5. Graffiti

Some may see graffiti as a beautiful work of art, that is if it is done by a professional or someone with great skill and care. However, Bieber now claims that his graffiti is his art, his way of expressing himself. The pop star was recently in the news for his graffiti on the side of an Australian hotel that has the mayor fuming.

6. Topless Instagram Photos

Q102's Jingleball 2012

Though it is not socially unacceptable for a male to share shirtless photos of himself, it does become tasteless after about the tenth photo. The Biebs has recently let off a slew of shirtless photos and has recently drawn criticism for his tasteless antics.

7. Reckless Driving

Bieber has been a car enthusiast since he was able to drive. This year however, he was stopped on multiple traffic stops including cutting off a police officer.

8. I’m Having Bieber’s Baby!

MuchMusic Video Awards 2012 - Red Carpet

Paternity suits abounded this year. Bieber was at the center of at least two high profile paternity suits this year and two different women claimed that their children were sired by the pop star in tour busses and concert hall bathrooms.

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