Justin Bieber Brutally Insults Young Fan: ‘Look At You, You Make Me Sick’

March 14, 2017

Pop-star Justin Bieber has once again gone off the rail when it comes to his attitude towards his most sincere fans.

This time the singer was caught on tape telling a young female fan that she “made him sick,” humiliating the poor girl on the spot.

Namely, as Herald Sun reports, Bieber was in Melbourne for his “Purpose” tour when the star had a run in with Sabah Helal, a visibly over-enthusiastic fan.

All Sabah did was ask the ‘Baby’ singer for a quick snap with him when he attacked her and accused the girl of invading his privacy.

Now, Biebs could have simply said ‘No’ and that would be perfectly fine and understandable, as the star deals with thousands of similarly fired up fans after each show, but instead he decided to apply his own hateful brand of smug doucheness and say this to the poor girl:

“Look at you, you make me sick.”

She Was Dying To Meet Him And Then He Humiliated Her

Just put yourself in her shoes – she was told this by her favorite singer, her idol. It truly must be crushing… Sabah’s mother, Houda Bennaou, later said that Bieber’s behavior was “disgusting” and that Sabah cried her heart out.

“My daughter was bawling her eyes out. She was dying to meet him and then he humiliated her,” said Houda.

Later we found out that at his Melbourne performance, Bieber had kept hands in his pockets throughout the first part of the show and it felt like he was slacking big time. He must have been in bad mood or something… Perfectly normal for a pop star who makes millions of dollars each show, right?

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