Jesse Eisenberg Compares His Experience At Comic-Con To Genocide

July 15, 2015


So, yeah, that happened. The young actor who has been making headlines thanks to his role in The Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice movie, wasn’t impressed with San Diego’s famed Comic-Con, to say at least.

Not only did he share his thoughts with the public, but he also made a very unusual and troubling comparison, stating that being at Comic-Con is like “some kind of genocide.” How interesting…

In a recent interview, Jesse Eisenberg talked about the happenings on the popular convention, and said that the experience is more than he bargained for:

“It is like being screamed at by thousands of people. I don’t know what the experience is throughout history, probably some kind of genocide. I can’t think of anything that’s equivalent. Maybe on some cellular memory level, that’s the only thing that seems like an equivalent social experience.”

Our guess is that he could have thought of anything else apart from genocide, but hey, the people there are his fans.

Comic-Con was a troubled experience for the current Lex Luther, who also stated that even if the audience is saying nice things, it’s still horrifying to be screamed at by thousands of people: “Yeah, it’s a mob. They were one torch away from burning me. I’m a normal person with like normal reactions to things, so of course it’s going to be terrifying. If you like that kind of thing and feed off of it in some way, you must have a miserable life.”

However, he probably realized what came out of his mouth so he tried to make things better before the interview concluded, acknowledging the importance of a good fan base and thanking everyone who made an effort to go to Comic-Con and see the movie.

Nice try, Eisenberg.

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