Jayonce Expecting Another Baby?

September 16, 2014

Congratulations? We don’t know! Rumors have been going on that international superstar and overall goddess Beyonce and her rapper superstar husband Jay Z are expecting another child! Is it true, will 3-year-old Blue Ivy get a baby brother or sister?

During their “On The Run” concert in Paris, the famous rapper reportedly changed the “Beach Is Better” lyric, thus sparking the pregnancy rumor even more.

He changed the lyrics from “I replace it with another one” to Cause she pregnant with another one.”

Sources reveal that the couple has been acting “very strange,” but this isn’t the first time they’ve acted in such a way. The last time they acted this strange was when Beyonce was pregnant with Blue Ivy. Reportedly, for the last month, Jay Z has been fiercely protective of her.

He’s been doing everything he can to ensure that his wife is in a stress-free bubble. He’s informed their entire entourage that they need to use relaxed voices, mellow lighting and listen to only soft music.

He also said that everything Queen Bey eats must be organic. “He’s really doing his best to make sure that she’s as comfortable and healthy as possible.”

The source also says that maybe he’s trying to get o Bey’s good side, after all of those infidelity rumors.

The world’s No 1 power couple have always been business-driven, but speculations have been going on that that’s all there’s to it, even though the couple showed just how much they’re in love. “Business has always been a part of their relationship, but for Bey, family is the most important thing, and the idea of breaking hers up is strictly a worst-case scenario.”

However, the sources also claim that Bey is a strong, smart woman and she’s not stupid. She knows that “where there is smoke, there is fire.” Apparently, the couple recently had a heart-to-heart conversation about their issues. Beyonce told Jay Z she could not live without him.

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